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Instagram + 4 Softwares? This Changes


Hi, Rich Williams here!

And, with my friend Chris X, I'm proud to announce the launch of Insta Crusher v2.0!

InstaCrusher 2 is THE ultimate Instagram software for 2018.

It's the sequel to the JVZoo #1, InstaCrusher...

Which sold over 5,900 units and converted at double-digits for dozens of affiliates, just like you...

And here's what you need to know before you sign up...

• Once more, we're paying 100% commissions on JVZoo (up to 200% with commission bumps!)...

• Second, you're going to earn over $200 per sale (with our red-hot funnel)...

• Third, you can win $5,000 in cash prizes (anyone can win this!)...

• Finally, this includes FOUR softwares - which automate everything to profit with Instagram.

And... because, I've worked with Chris, who has sold over 75,000 units on JVZoo, you know this is going to convert.

In fact, we're confident this will convert to: Facebook lists... Instagram lists... but also to any make money, affiliate, or general IM list.

Now for those who don't know me, my name is Richard, and I've been marketing online since 2007.

Since then I've paid out over $300,000 to my affiliates, with my launches on platforms like ClickBank.

My first launch on JVZoo was InstaCrusher which was JVZoo POTD and #1 for the entire month we launched, and sold over 5,900 units...

And now, for InstaCrusher 2, I've again teamed up with Chris and have spent the last four months working on this offer.

We've gone the extra mile in terms of creating great Instagram proof, training and software...

So you make as many 100% JVZoo commissions - even 200% commissions - as possible!

The sales page and sales video are looking superb, the product is incredible, and we're really excited about paying our affiliates some huge 100% JVZoo commissions when we go live.

We're certain this is going to be another JVZoo #1...

Now the next step is to sign up to the JV newsletter on this page.

It's the only way I can keep you updated about everything to do with the launch, including those commission bumps and cash prizes.

So sign up now for demo access and sales letter preview.

And to learn how you can earn 100% to 200% commissions on JVZoo and Paypal.

OK, thanks for stopping by, and for checking out the Insta Crusher2.

Sign up so you can start earning 100% commissions right away.

InstaCrusher2 Launches Tuesday, MARCH 20TH

Why Should You Promote InstaCrusher2?

100% Commissions!

4 NEW Instagram Softwares for $7? Let's make this another JVZoo #1.

Earn $200 Per Sale

Expect a rock-solid funnel, focused on customer value.

Your Customers

Give them a $1,000 product
for a fraction of the cost

700 Million buyers

There are a huge amount of buyers for ANY niche, just ready to be tapped into!

Free Instagram Traffic

Discover low-competition niches & monetize them for your offer rapidly

4 Softwares In ONE

The ultimate opportunity:
automated & explained.

4x InstaCrusher2 Softwares. Earn 100-200%!

Earn 100-200% With JVZoo (Launch Only)

Promote InstaCrusher2 with JVZoo

You will  promote with JVZoo (you will get paid via Paypal). Sign up to the JV list for your affiliate link.

We are paying 100% on the front-end. Sign up to qualify for the extra 100% commissions and earn up to 200% with commission bumps!

You must have 100+ sales for "instant" commission.

Commission bumps - earn 100%!

By default, the F/E commission is set at 100% (and 50% across the upsells) but you can earn much more..

Simply sell more than 10 units to earn 150%. Sell 20 to earn 100% FE commissions!

Earn 100-200% Commissions With The Craziest,
NEWEST InstaCrusher2 Software of 2017

$300,000 in affiliate commissions later - its the ultimate free traffic training and software package, EVER

  • InstaDB - database of 100 top affiliate & ecommerce niches for Instagram with 7 different metrics
  • InstaSlogan - slogan generation tool which auto-creates the most engaging Insta posts for ANY niche
  • 1 Click Insta - software which auto-creates Instagram image posts for any niche in seconds
  • Insta Cinema - software which created "cinegrams" in 1x1 Instagram ratio
  • UPDATE: Add images and text to your cinegrams to smash engagement!
  • PLUS: includes complete training - with PDFs and videos, and much more...

And that's just the front-end!

We've also got a high-value funnel lined up, so you can earn as much as $250 per sale.

So are you in? The first step is to sign up to the jv list at the top of the page.

InstaCrusher2 Launches Tuesday, MARCH 20TH